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People who do not feel their representative is doing an adequate job can simply vote for someone else. The argument could go on for days about the advantages and disadvantages.

This idea of term limits has been around for some time in the United States and has been addressed as far back as ancient Greece and Rome.

Essay/Term paper: Term limits for legislators

What term limits may accomplish, then is a leveling of the playing field and the invitation for all to come play. Additionally, senior members currently seek to remain in Washington when they are no longer in office by locating a position as a lobbyists or bureaucrat.

Serving in the congress is supposed to be a civic duty that is bestowed upon the most fit individuals in the country. The term limit will grant unrestricted power to people other than elected legislators. Congress must decide to amend the Constitution.

The assumption among Term limits for congress essay example general public is that every other politician is corrupt and serves in their own interests. The argument continues with the idea that term limits will mean a loss of experience on the part of legislators.

They should adapt with the tides and learn new skills if they wish to be absorbed in the job market after their terms have elapsed.

Conclusion It is well-grounded to believe that introducing Congressional term limits would be a step forward to decrease meritocracy. For example, incumbents continue to receive salaries even when they are campaigning, on the contrary challengers, real politicians, usually resign from the office when preparing the campaign.

This is evidenced by the many times that the members of the congress go against the public will even in cases where it is all too clear on what the general public want. Moreover, when the experienced members leave they will be replaced by lobbyists who would promote their special interests.

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In conclusion term limits may not be the complete answer for the problems in congress, but they sure are a piece of the puzzle to put the government back in to the hands of the voters or people of the United States. Once the person has been in office for multiple terms what once was a great politician is now not as great as the person started out to be.

Limiting the Congress terms would thus be effective in emphasizing on policy in the Congress rather than on politics as it currently is. Roots and Reform Allyn and Bacon, Massachusetts. US House of Representatives. Now, this same option gives lead to the argument that people running for office would now just use the office as a stepping stone to the next office or to the next career, and that is a real possibility.

It has been argued countless times that the founders of the country found it fit into set the terms of the various positions the way they did for many reasons.

Term Limits for Congress Essay

Green, and John David Rausch. Rather, it will be about a genuine intent to foster change. However, in a modern democracy, service to the people requires that politicians spend much longer in office.

The short-term member will likely pass fewer laws, and the laws he does support will be more reflective of his constituents' desires In fact, some have argued that limiting the term of members can limit the amount of experience in the congress thus working against the interests of the public.

This sounds great, but in reality does not work.Essay on Congress And The Change In Term Limits Words | 7 Pages Congress and The Change in Term Limits Infor the first time in 40 years, Congress was drastically changed. First are the arguments that term limits are democratic. The advocates of this point of view believe that creating term limits would not only add diversity to Congress, but also provide Congress members that are more accountable and not as isolated from their constituents.

On the other hand, the arguments against term limits are equally notable. The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper; Saved Essays. You Have Not Saved Any Essays. Topics in this paper. Legislature; White House; citizen representatives in Congress and in the White House governed us.

Tradition, not legal requirements, maintained this condition. Term limits have provento be a valid and successful /5(5).

The general argument for opponents of the introduction of term limits for Congress is that the election is already a term limit in itself.

Congressional term limits

It is not surprising that the majority of those that oppose term limits are members of the Congress or politicians eying the positions in future. Essay about U.S. Congressional Term Limits.

Term limits can restore the voice of the people in Congress, by ending the era of the “career” politician, and stop the abuse of power. or ecclesiastical benefice, or 2) one that occupies a particular position or place. They go on to give examples, such as, because the statehouse now. With term limits people who want to run for office will be at a more even playing field.

In conclusion term limits may not be the complete answer for the problems in congress, but they sure are a piece of the puzzle to put the government back in to the hands of the voters or people of the United States.

Term limits for congress essay example
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