Strategic position of electrolux

Electrolux applies common management practices for the Workplace Code of Conduct and monitors and reports on progress for all facilities with more than 30 employees. LG Electronics is not a big threat since the size of the company is smaller than Electrolux with fewer employees although its products have lower cost than Electrolux and take advantage of resource allocation but further information is not available on quality of its products, growth rate, or fixed costs.

For example, Electrolux designed a project to drastically reduce the number of suppliers. It is possible for the organization to face some issues and problems while renewing its strategies. Here, the transfer of know-how and experience from the professional business is also used.

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Of course Electrolux Strategic position of electrolux the largest domestic and professional appliances for the kitchen, cleaning outdoor producer, but the most important factor for a company is rivalry. Electrolux is dependent on its traditional distribution system.

Strategy may not keep up with the changing environment of household appliance industry.


Whirlpool Corporation has a market capitalization of half the whole appliance industry, it is bigger in size than Electrolux since it acquired Maytag in and has approximately 17 more employees.

Expectations of Customers Continuation of cost-cutting and expelling complexity in all aspects of operations especially in supplies. The principal stakeholders are the shareholders, management, and the board of directors. This leads to the problem in actions taken my managers in times of strategic change.

Over the last few years, sales of frost-free freezers and front-loaded washing machines have increased more than overall growth for freezers and washing machines.

Electrolux also commands a strong global position in vacuum cleaners and has expanded its offering in small domestic appliances.

Electrolux vision

Market polarization make changes in consume, strengthening global competition and growth. It imposes taxation on the company, can affect the company through regulation and expect the company to act ethically and legally.

When I have great knowledge inside my company I will have to problems to cope with different situations and this will help to be a good competitor on the market and as a result of that I will have enough money to invest and pay good wages.

Increasing investments in marketing and brand building that will place Electrolux as a world leader in the industry. In reality few pure monopsonies exist, but frequently there is some asymmetry between a producing industry and buyers.

In household appliance industry, consumers have many demands and Electrolux must be able to satisfy them by producing: They also need to use the paradigm, provide signals and symbols internally to Electrolux. This will go hand in hand with product renewal.

The following tables outline some factors that determine supplier power. As the last, corporations are responsible for creating value through their businesses they do so by managing their portfolio of businesses, ensuring that the businesses are successful over the long-term, developing business units, and sometimes ensuring that each business is compatible with others in the portfolio.

The company that has all five of these factors will be able to attract customers very well. Electrolux is dealing the strategy successfully through some following functions: Employees — One of the key tools for Electrolux for measuring employee satisfaction is the Employee Engagement Survey EESwhich gauges such factors as motivation and engagement among employees.

Macro Environment of Companies in Bangladesh

Environment is complex and changing by diversified environmental variables. Achieving Electrolux goal for profitable growth requires a strengthened position in the higher price segments, expansion of operations in specific product categories, and higher sales in growth regions. An electronic assessment tool, Awareness-Learning-Feedback-Assessment, supports internal implementation of the Workplace Code of Conduct and monitors Electrolux units regarding compliance.

Global trends that affect the industry

Another consequence of the global recession was the fall in the share price of Electrolux. Additionally, it has strong sustainability initiatives.Utilizing the Bowman’s strategic clock (Appendix 8) we can identify the position of Electrolux group in the appliance market.

Although there is not enough evidence that products of Electrolux have the highest quality, however it has been given that it has entered the premium market category of household appliances and its products are.

The strategic position of Electrolux is concerned with identifying the impact of the external environment, the strategic capability and the expectations of stakeholders on the organization’s strategy.5/5(7). The strategic choice of buying other companies like Zanussi, Poulan/Weed Eater and AEG Hausger¤te is a very important fact to ensure the future ompetitiveness.

Macro Environment of Companies in Bangladesh

The knowledge of these companies will be part of Electrolux and will help to ensure the development of new products.

Dec 14,  · Question 3: Identify the main factors about the strategic position of Electrolux. List these separately under environment, capability and expectations. List these separately under environment, capability and expectations. Strategic Position – To become number 1 world over in consumer durables Strategic Choices – Industry Expertise– Electrolux is the only company in its field with a distribution and local market presence in over countries Electrolux targeted high end consumers in the US market and middle income households in the emerging markets like.

Electrolux Assignment over Strategy

For the strategic capability of the Electrolux, in the s, there was the biggest acquisition by the Swedish group, for that reason, 75 percent of Electrolux's sales were outside of Sweden by s.

Strategic position of electrolux
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